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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Virtual Field Trips in Your Classroom

By: Monica Burns, Ed.D.

 There are lots of ways that students can interact with content in your classroom. From reading a book on a topic, to having a whole class discussion, teachers use lots of different strategies to help students understand a new idea. Virtual field trips, like the ones you can find on this site, help students paint a picture of the words in their text. These types of experiences can help….more

10 Inspirational Ideas to Make All Virtual Field Trips More Memorable

By: Dale Petersen, M.Ed.

Few would argue about the benefits associated with Virtual Field Trips. Time-savings, budget-friendliness, convenience, and learning value are just a few.

It’s quite a leap, though, to know how to extract as much value as possible from using VFTs in the classroom.   Listed below are 10 ideas that can ….more

How To Choose the Right Virtual Field Trip

By: Dale Petersen, M.Ed.

So you want to take your students on a trip somewhere. You’ve already established that a virtual field trip is the way to go for a myriad of reasons. However, the potential reach of virtual field trips (VFTs) knows no bounds. You can take your students to any time or place. As appealing as this sounds, how can you then decide where you should go? Even more, how can you decide whether that particular field trip is right for your group of students? ….more

What Are Virtual Field Trips?

By: Dale Petersen, M.Ed.

I’m sure we all have strong memories of field trips we’ve taken during our school days. For various reasons, students don’t have the same opportunities available to them these days. The good news is that a reasonable, and sometimes superior, substitute experience is the virtual field trip. What is a virtual field trip, you ask?

Generally speaking, a virtual field trip is a digital and/or online exploration based on a specific theme. Virtual field trips are usually ….more

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