Grade 1 Videos

Grade 1 - All About Work

Video Storyline:  What is money and what can it buy? We use money to pay for our needs and wants. People have to work to make money, and there are many jobs they can have.

Video length: 6:35 minutes.

Grade 1 - The Earth Around Us

Video Storyline:  People live in communities, where change happens every day. Around us we see a variety of land and water types which have helped to create our natural resources. We can also see changes around us throughout the four seasons.

Video length: 8:10 minutes.

Grade 1 - Families and Neighbors

Video Storyline: Families make up the backbone of our society, and have different customs. We share these customs with others with our celebrations. Many of the people that immigrated here brought many things with them, along with their customs.

Video length: 6:55 minutes.

Grade 1 - Let's Learn About Our Government

Video Storyline: As a new country, the United States had to create its own of new rules. We look at some of the important laws and symbols of the country, and what it means to be a citizen.

Video length: 8:10 minutes.

Grade 1 - Life Long Ago

Video Storyline:  A long time ago a group called the Pilgrims came to America. They settled here among the various native American groups. Other settlers also came to America from other countries. Many came here to be free. Many historical people and symbols have come to mean freedom in the United States.

Video length: 6:20 minutes.

Jerusalem: Then and Now (K-5)

Introduce your younger students to the history and landmarks of Jerusalem. Explore the many aspects of the religious significance of this city that makes it so important to so many.

Video length: 19:30 minutes.

Washington, DC (Grades K-5)

Even the youngest of students will appreciate the treasures, history, and beauty that their nation’s capital has to offer. Explore the architecture and artifacts that make Washington fascinating for all to see.

Video length: 24:30 minutes.

Paris: City of Light (K-5)

Paris has long been considered one of the world’s most historically important cities and is also packed with iconic images. Explore the unforgettable buildings that took centuries to complete, such as Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe. Students will gain insights into the reasons why Paris’ significance is so timeless.

Video length: 15:00 minutes.

Also meeting Grade 1 curriculum standards:

Grade 2 - Our Government At Work

Video Storyline:  When America was a new country its leaders created a plan called the Constitution. Our leaders, lawmakers, and judges still use this plan today.


Video length: 12:45 minutes.

Grade 2 - Living Together

Video Storyline: Families make up the backbone of our society.  They are usually made up of different generations, rules and customs. We live in our different communities, which can be urban, rural or suburban. Together we sometimes have celebrations as we share our cultures.

Video length:  5:10 minutes

Grade 2 - Work and Money

Video Storyline:  We use money to buy both needs and wants. People work to earn money to buy these items. Technology has made work easier over time. There are different types of jobs people can have. Some jobs are called service jobs, and some people called volunteers work for no money at all.

Video length: 8:30 minutes.

Grade 2 - Early Americans

Video Storyline:  Families long ago used to live on farms and grow their own food. Transportation was slow and life was hard. Settlers began to arrive and everyone had to obey the rules of the King of England. People felt he was unfair and decided to fight for their freedom from him. They won, and created a new country with new leaders.

Video length: 7:45 minutes.

Grade 2 - Land and Water Around Us

Video Storyline:  Earth is made up of many types of both land and water. We also find different types of landforms and natural resources. We change the land around us with our building and creating. We also use a lot of our natural resources, but have to learn to protect the ones that can run out.

Video length: 15:15 minutes.

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