Classroom Ideas 

Paris: City Of Light


Have students print out a map of Paris and identify where the sites in the video are located.


Build the Eiffel Tower

Use various craft materials to build a model of the Eiffel Tower. Discuss how a model is a smaller version of a large structure.


Become "The Thinker"

Ask students to pretend that they are “The Thinker” in the famous statue. Prompt students to write about what he is possibly thinking about.



Label items in the classroom in French.


Independence Day around the World

Compare/contrast celebrations such as Bastille Day (France) and National Revolution Day (Cuba). Explore the similarities and differences between Independence Day traditions in America and other celebrations around the world. 



Listen to music from France.


Country Report

Have students write a report about France including: landmarks, population, how it is similar to the United States, history (how it came to be), type of government, economy, famous sites, architecture, interesting facts, languages spoken, food, etc.


If I Went to Paris...

Students create a list/powerpoint of their top five notable sites that they would like to visit and explain why. 

Explore the French Language

Create a T-chart with English words in one column, and French words in the other column. Compare/contrast words that are similar (bleu/blue) and words that are different (pomme/apple).


Greetings Around the World

Explore different ways to greet people across various cultures (Bonjour in France, bowing in Japan, saying holain Cuba, etc.).


International Landmark Geometry

Identify geometric shapes found in the famous structures such as the Louvre Pyramid in France and the Tower of Westminster in London. Create structures using various geometric shapes (toothpick tower, etc.)


French Cuisine

Explore signature foods from France. 

Create a recipe for a dish seen in the video from the country/city (uses fractions, measurements, + directions).


Stained Glass Art

Create stained glass art inspired by the windows from the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Art History

Recreate famous pieces of art from France, e.g. the Mona Lisa. 

Local Festivals

Have students research French festivals at the local, state, and national levels. 


Creative Writing

Write a story with Paris as the setting. The main character could be from another country (compare and contrast characters). 


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