Ancient Greece: Birthplace of Democracy

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Let’s travel back in time to explore the world of the Ancient Greeks. You will be surprised how much we all have in common with them, and how much they still influence and inspire our lives every day. This video introduces Ancient Greek lifestyle and customs, along with the various gods important to all aspects of life.

Video length: 21:28 minutes.

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Who Are the Olympians?

Analyzing Aesop’s Fables

A Day in the Life of Ancient Greece

The Olympic Games

Draw A Scene

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Classroom Ideas 

Ancient Greece

Ancient Timeline

Create a timeline that shows what was happening in each of the Ancient Civilizations at certain points in time.  For example, who created calendars and at what point in time? Who was building pyramids and when?



Talk about the Greek God Poseidon and his trident.  Have students watch the Little Mermaid movie and ask them how Poseidon was portrayed in theLittle Mermaid movie.


Percy Jackson

Read any of the Percy Jackson book series and then watch the movies to go with them. Discuss the connection with Ancient Greece mythology.


Gods and Goddesses

Study the different Greek Gods and Goddesses.  Have each student choose one and either dress like on, create a sculpture, or paint a picture of the Greek God or Goddess that was chosen.  They can explain what they learned and why they chose that specific God or Goddess.


Greek Architecture

Have an architect come visit the class and discuss how Ancient Greece influenced our architecture today. If an architect is not available, have students research the topic. 


Contact your local college or university to see if they have an archaeology program.  If so, see if your class can visit them and learn what has been discovered by structures and buildings left behind different ancient civilizations.

Class Olympics

Talk about the Olympics during Ancient Greece and then have your own Olympics for your class (you could also include other classrooms to participate). 

Discussion Topic

After studying a specific ancient civilization (Ancient Greece, Romans, Mayans, Egypt, etc. ), have a class discussion about what a day in the life of a person would be like.

Venn Diagram

After studying about a specific ancient civilization (Ancient Greece, Romans, Mayans, Egypt, etc. ), have a class discussion about what a day in the life of a person would be like.


Have students read books that are based on Ancient Greece history such as The Iliad by Homer, or The Odyssey by Homer, etc.

Greek vs. Roman Gods & Goddesses

The Ancient Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses were much the same, but had different names.  Have students come up with the list of both Greek and Roman names for their gods.

Ancient Civilization Comparisons

Divide your class into smaller groups, with each group responsible for further researching how each ancient civilization has benefited the world.  They need to bring props to show (photos, food, items that represents tools and discoveries by each group).

Classroom Ideas for ALL Videos

Here are dozens and dozens of ideas that you can use in your classroom along with our videos!

Topics Covered In This Video

Ancient Greek accomplishments & legacy

Democratic philosophy & ideas

Ancient Greek daily life

Sporting life


Ancient Greek warriors

Historic authors

Plays, poems, & music

Religious ceremonies & offerings

Zeus & Hera

Athena, Hades, & Demeter

Apollo & Artemis

Hermes, Aphrodite, & Ares

Hephaestus, Hestia, & Dionysus

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