Canada: Our Northern Neighbor (Spanish)


Nuestro vecino del norte

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Venga con nosotros a familiarizarse con el vecino del norte de los Estados Unidos. Haremos un viaje en el tiempo para explorar la historia, el gobierno, la economía, los recursos naturales y los símbolos de Canadá.  También nos divertiremos mientras descubrimos los deportes favoritos de Canadá, sus celebraciones y también conoceremos a algunos canadienses famosos.

Duración del vídeo: 48:33 minutos

Learning Resources with this Video*


WOW Facts About Canada

Timeline of Canadian History

Neighboring Countries: US and Canada

Sports Spotlight: Curling

Production in Canada

Draw A Scene

Universal Resources

National Standards

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Classroom Ideas 

Canada: Our Northern Neighbor


Have students print out a map of Canada and identify where the sites in the video are located. 

5 Highlights

Students create a powerpoint of their top five notable Canadian sites that they would like to visit and explain why.

Comparison with U.S.

Canada is very similar to the United States in many ways. Discuss or write about ways that the two countries are different.

Cloze Practice

A cloze piece has full sentences used in the virtual field trip with blanks where students can write in the information that is missing. This task requires close listening to the trip in order to complete it.



Create a diorama of the higlights of Canada. Students could also just focus on one region.


Creative Writing

Write a story with Canada as the setting. The main character could be from another country (compare and contrast characters). 



Have students create an itinerary for a visit to Canada. Can it be done in one trip? Two? Three? What would your budget need to be? How long would it take? How would you get around? What would you like to see most?


Create Quizzes

Students create a quiz based on the information presented for their peers. This can be used as a review for a test, or jigsaw class activity where students are responsible for teaching other students assigned topics.


Country Report

Have students write a report about Canada including: landmarks, population, how it is similar to the United States, history (how it came to be), type of government, economy, famous sites, architecture, interesting facts, religions, food, etc.



Draw a scene from the video you just watched.


Classroom Ideas for ALL Videos

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Topics Covered In This Video

Datos curiosos sobre Canadá

Provincias y territorios

Los canadienses indígenas

Historia de Canadá

La formación de Canadá

El gobierno de Canadá

Comparación con el gobierno de Estados Unidos

Recursos naturales

La economía de Canadá

Influencias culturales

Símbolos de Canadá


Canadienses famosos


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