Grade 1 - Families and Neighbors (Spanish)

Familias y vecinos

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Historia del video: Las familias constituyen la columna vertebral de nuestra sociedad y poseen diferentes costumbres. Compartimos estas costumbres con los demás en nuestras celebraciones. Muchas de las personas que emigraron aquí trajeron consigo muchas cosas, además de sus costumbres.

Duración del video: 10:30 minutos.

Learning Resources with this Video*


The Neighborhood – Vocabulary Worksheet

My Interview with a Neighbor

Share a Family Custom

Families & Neighbors – Discussion Cards

Draw a Scene

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National Standards

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Temas Abarcados

Las familias pueden ser grandes o pequeñas

Podemos hacer cosas divertidas con nuestras familias

Podemos ayudar a nuestras familias cumpliendo las normas y ayudando

Las familias vivimos en vecindarios donde nos divertimos compartiendo celebraciones y costumbres

Hay muchos tipos de celebraciones, como las religiosas, las bodas, etc.

Estas celebraciones podrán ser aún más divertidas si compartimos nuestras diferentes culturas con los demás

Classroom Ideas for ALL Videos

Here are dozens and dozens of ideas that you can use in your classroom along with our videos!

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Classroom Ideas 

Families and Neighbors

Greetings Around the World

Explore different ways to greet people across various cultures (bowing in Japan, saying hola in Cuba, etc.).


Independence Day around the World

Compare/contrast celebrations such as Independence Day in the U.S., Bastille Day (France) and National Revolution Day (Cuba). Explore the similarities and differences between these celebrations.

Discussion Topics

What events does your family celebrate?

How does your family celebrate special occasions?

How does your family spend time together?

Explore Vocabulary

Identify key vocabulary terms while previewing each video. Prompt students to find the meaning of each word as they watch the video.


Listen to music from different countries.

International Cuisine

Explore signature foods from various cultures such as Mexico, Italy, and France.


Local Festivals

Have students research cultural festivals at the local, state, and national levels. 

Cloze Practice

A cloze piece has full sentences used in the virtual field trip with blanks where students can write in the information that is missing. This task requires close listening to the trip in order to complete it.

Coral reefs are the _______ type of ecosystem in the world. They’ve been around for over _____ million years.

 Answers:  oldest; 240

Alternatively, you could have students create 5-10 cloze statements and they could share those with the class.

A third alternative is to distribute the cloze worksheets before watching the video.  Students can fill them in as they watch.

Art and Social Studies

Draw a scene from the video.

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