Grade 2 - Early Americans - Closed Captioned

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Video Storyline:  Families long ago used to live on farms and grow their own food. Transportation was slow and life was hard. Settlers began to arrive and everyone had to obey the rules of the King of England. People felt he was unfair and decided to fight for their freedom from him. They won, and created a new country with new leaders.

Video length: 7:45 minutes.

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Classroom Ideas 

Early Americans

Art and Social Studies

Use various materials to create a small-scale home for a group of Native Americans, e.g. a wigwam. Can be done in groups.

Cloze Practice

A cloze piece has full sentences used in the virtual field trip with blanks where students can write in the information that is missing. This task requires close listening to the trip in order to complete it.

Coral reefs are the _______ type of ecosystem in the world. They’ve been around for over _____ million years.

Answers:  oldest; 240

Alternatively, you could have students create 5-10 cloze statements and they could share those with the class.

A third alternative is to distribute the cloze worksheets before watching the video. Students can fill them in as they watch.


Explore Vocabulary

Identify key vocabulary terms while previewing each video. Prompt students to find the meaning of each word as they watch the video. Example: What do the words bartering  and artifact  mean? Think about the meaning of this word as you watch this video.

Visual Learning

Offer videos to struggling learners as another form of accessing information and creating knowledge. 



Draw a scene from the video you just watched.


Classroom Ideas for ALL Videos

Here are dozens and dozens of ideas that you can use in your classroom along with our videos!

Topics Covered In This Video

Native Americans were the first people to live in America

They belonged to different tribes and lived in different types of housing

Native American hunting, fishing, & clothing

After some time the Pilgrims and other settlers arrived

Life was not easy for these settlers

Eventually 13 colonies were built

Conflict with England resulted in the Declaration of Independence

This led to the Revolutionary War and the new country of the U.S.A.

Some time later a great president, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves

Civil War led to greater choices for everyone

Some chose to move west to get away from the crowded cities

Pioneers had a hard life and getting around wasn’t easy

Things are much easier now with emails and easy transportation

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