Jerusalem: Then and Now (Grades 6-8)

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Few places in the world are so important to so many. Whether students are learning about their own or other faiths, ancient civilizations, current events, or geographical locations – Jerusalem is a place that is worthy of their time and understanding.

Video length: 20:45 minutes.

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Religions of Jerusalem

Set in Jerusalem Writing Prompt

Draw a Scene

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Classroom Ideas 

Jerusalem: Then and Now

Timeline of Jerusalem

Create a timeline showing the history of Jerusalem from ancient times to modern civilization.


Have students print out a map of Jerusalem and identify where the sites in the video are located. 

International Cuisine

Explore signature foods from Israel.

Local Festivals

Have students research Israeli festivals at the local, state, and national levels.

Religion in Jerusalem

Compare/contrast the history and central beliefs of the three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) in Jerusalem. 


Listen to music from Israel.


Draw a scene from the video you just watched.

Creative Writing

Write a story with Jerusalem as the setting. The main character could be from another country (compare and contrast characters). 

Classroom Ideas for ALL Videos

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Topics Covered In This Video

Jerusalem – global location


Dome of the Rock

Abraham & monotheism

City of David

Temple Mount

Western Wall & Judaism

Gardens of Gethsemane

Church of the Holy Sepulchre


East Jerusalem – Old City

Citadel, Tower of David, & Rampart Walk

Jewish, Muslim, Christian, & Armenian Quarters

Via Dolorosa

Yemin Moshe

Mea Shearim

West Jerusalem

The Knesset

The Israel Museum

Yad Vashem

The many religious observances


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