Grade 1 - All About Work (Spanish)

Todo Sobre el Trabajo

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Historia del video:  ¿Qué es el dinero y qué puede comprar con él? Usamos el dinero para cubrir y pagar nuestras necesidades y deseos. Para ganar dinero hay que trabajar, y hay muchos oficios que se pueden hacer.

Duración del vídeo: 9:20 minutos.

Learning Resources with this Video*


Make a Dollar

Work Match-up Vocabulary Sheet

Needs and Wants Sort

I May Be…Worksheet

Draw a Scene

Universal Resources

National Standards

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Classroom Ideas 

All About Work

Making Change

Create a classroom “store” where students can use money to buy things. Classmates can take turns being the cashier to make change.

Video can be used as an introduction to a 3-Act Math Task.



Ask students to think or write about all the different way they can create $1 with coins.


Art and Social Studies

Draw a scene from the video you just watched.

Visual Learning

Offer videos to struggling learners as another means of creating knowledge and accessing information. 

Explore Vocabulary

Identify key vocabulary terms while previewing each video. Prompt students to find the meaning of each word as they watch the video. Example: What do the words volunteer, goods, and factory mean? Think about the meaning of these words as you watch this video.


A cloze piece has full sentences used in the virtual field trip with blanks where students can write in the information that is missing. This task requires close listening to the trip in order to complete it.

Coral reefs are the _______ type of ecosystem in the world. They’ve been around for over _____ million years.

Answers:  oldest; 240

Alternatively, you could have students create 5-10 cloze statements and they could share those with the class.

A third alternative is to distribute the cloze worksheets before watching the video.  Students can fill them in as they watch.



Classroom Ideas for ALL Videos

Here are dozens and dozens of ideas that you can use in your classroom along with our videos!

Temas Abarcados

Tipos de dinero: monedas y billetes

Concepto de ahorrar dinero para gastarlo después

Necesidades y deseos

La personas trabajan por dinero

Tipos de trabajos

Las fábricas son el lugar donde se fabrican los productos.

Los productos se intercambian por dinero

El dinero nos permite comprar cosas que hacen la vida más fácil que antes

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